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lost my way


written by & starring Saskia Norman

directed by: Elisabeth Halikiopoulos

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when life doesn't go according to plan

Lost My Way tells the story of a passionate young woman and her experiences with puberty, death, culture shock and finding herself. What starts out as a therapy session quickly turns into a journey back in time to the protagonists' life. The audience follows Saskia as she dives into multiple characters and reveals how different events in her life, such as a parents sudden death, developing and recovering from an eating disorder, her escape into acting, the dream of moving to Hollywood and the culture shock caused by the big move have shaped her into the person she is today. What sounds like heavy stuff is actually a funny, heartfelt story that has been compared to stand-up.


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audience voices

"I was moved. Just beautiful. Thank you!"
- Johannes K.
"Wonderful performance.
Keep at it!" - Andrew M.
"Thank you for sharing a story that I felt like was my own."
- Chérie H.
"Fantastic! It went to my heart."
- Marie S.
"Such a great show!"
- Kristin A.
"I was touched, fascinated and entertained. I admire your courage to bring such a personal story on stage."
- Brian V.
"So authentic and touching!" - Mary N.

tour dates

November 8th, 2023



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